by Mike Downey Tape

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Written and recorded by Mike Downey 2010 - 2015 to 4-track cassette.


released January 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Mike Downey Tape Motala, Sweden

I record these songs in my basement onto 4-track cassette. I play all of the instruments. Hi, my name is Mike.

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Track Name: Dusted Gigs
Dusted gigs can work around your holiday
Trading day for day
Bum around the shop and cut back on the payload
You're breaking up on my headphone
It's a wrist for a wrist today
You take what you want
You give it up
You take it back
I'm ignoring and you're boring
Track Name: New Lenox Lion
Miles of malls and gasoline
Cement roads that split the dream
Rifle right now through all my things
I've got capguns and batteries
Toothpick castles and tambourines
Show you right now the world we made
New Lenox lion rides tonight
Drain the ditch and shut the lights
Track Name: She's A Weirdo
She's wrong
She's right
She's a weirdo when she goes
Limo fire on the way to prom
Collapsed hallway with your hall pass on
Track Name: Blank Page Stamp
Get out from under that bus
I don't remember anyone
I'll sitck you in a magazine
I'll put you on a telephone
Track Name: Lower Wisconsin
Slow change to see the revealing that never pushes back
But you'll see now and you want to
Cement blocks to stop the unraveling stacked against the house
To get you down if you want to
You said the voice is in your head
Don't go out the house
A slow change can drag a day out
Track Name: Cosmoline
A better way of forgetting what you know
It's not to remember half of where you go
Like it's wrapped in cosmoline
Pass me over your bridge
You'd like to go
I'd like to
Can you keep a secret
I bet you can
Can you hold my periscope in your hand
Pass me over the bridge
You want to
Track Name: Visible World
Trashclouds and the letter's on the wheel
And I've found to wash it out
Track it down
Let the paper ream the wheel
Talk is trash so
Stick me out in a visible world
Drag me out in a visible world
Track Name: Trust A Shadow
And if you turn the pages right we'll meet the maker
And if you let your day unwind it might take you faster
I don't mind
I'll dress up in the costumes I find
Travel around you trust the map
You'd trust a shadow
I might be so inclined to make you mine
Track Name: Daycorder
You wandered through a field expecting a city and shield
Rewinding to the end
How did you really want this to begin
You couldn't watch the first part
You had me at the start
So I followed you around
I archived the places you found
Filled in negative space
But I knew that you'd want to erase
Track Name: Denver Tone Track
Repeat self till you fade out
Drink a little
Talk too much you chorus boy
And I am rode out, hold out, wet
Denver tone track trips radio 1
Silicon teen hits satellite stack
Track Name: Back to Base
So I kicked myself down the block to the old house
Where cul de sac remained so I turned aroud
And you, your telephone waits
To you, you're holding spades
They can't ever run you out
So I ran some code and watched the lines scroll
And released my men on a service call
To you, your telephone awakes
To you, you're back to base
We won't ever figure us out
Conditional states back home
Revisionism tried, failed
The radio lies but we are in control
Baby let's go
Track Name: Marsh Harrier
I would take you anywhere in the atmosphere my dear
From the station to the basecamp in the clouds
Your warm exception radiates through the space junk through the years
In a spinning needle drum you make me out
The universe is misaligned and the resource a little low
As we barrel through the day it's true
I'd be reduced to pieces without you
Track Name: Global Knock Ons
Tame the tiger
Reverse the jets
You've been rolled back
The worse one yet
Telephone the changes in
I can't change where I've been
Global knock on
Knocked on
Track Name: Rabbit Rabbit
Plexiglass lane just gets in the way of my day
I mow it over
Shed for the slugs and steel for the road
I'm not afraid
But what do you know
The rabbit comes out but once a year to look at you
The apple core's in bloom
Vines on the branch and drops on the ground
I'm not around
The season's over
Track Name: Flagged
I tried to televise it but it didn't show
You went and memorized it
It's a big idea
It's a faded star
I want to find out where we are
I read the maps all wrong and you flagged me out
I kicked the dirt with you and we
It's a bad idea
It's a jagged star
I want to find out who we are
You faded me out but where does it begin
Moon drawn on your book and I'm setting sun
It's a simple plan if you go by the books
Here's my heart in my hand
It's not easy to look