Shaker Routes

by Mike Downey Tape

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Written and recorded by Mike Downey February - October 2016 to 4-track cassette.


released October 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Mike Downey Tape Motala, Sweden

I record these songs in my basement onto 4-track cassette. I play all of the instruments. Hi, my name is Mike.

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Track Name: Master Mouse
Test drive and buy the candy stripe boy
Park it by the stacks or by the tanks out back
Stick the needle through the postcard girl
Then once a week, except when I say, we'll repeat
I got a diode in the drawer
It switches on a switch if you're keeping score
And I bought mesh and tents and trail traps
Track Name: I See Her, Pilot. She's the Pioneer
On the driver's side you hold on to what you know
And I'm waiting for it
It takes forever down the road
I'll send you a signal that flashes light
You won't mind
Every way but out
Every time you go
The troops are marching in
Track Name: Centuries of Progress
Who's got the wild code?
I've got mine
The upside down wine
Where are my glasses?
I guess it's time
The capsule's looking good
Saturn's rings got time
Centuries of progress, days of darkness
Straight to the source, print it out
Copy the static
Drones and suburbs and lawnmower rides
The petrol smells so good
Track Name: Your Eurorack Credits
Trapped in the basement
They're pounding the rooftop down
I'm scared to witness nailguns or business
Tied to the scissors
We've got lots of problems
So I'm no witness to nailguns or business
So cash the Eurorack credits out
Track Name: Listen to Disc
Let a process in
Get a system out
I don't want to rework all the routes
Got a mirrorball
I spin it as a joke
All the time I'm spending weeding out, it's loud
And the tracers line up through the telescope
Just another day
The turncoats are
Track Name: Frozen Heaven
Tripping on a tripwire
I can read the catalog
Tripped up by the headrush
I've been there
Stucken by a sticker bush
Papercuts in between
Heaven on a tripwire
Heaven on a trampoline
Heaven on a tightrope
Track Name: Small Favors and Short Errands
Said it right, it's like a lightning bolt through my body
Sang along and it was sweet but we weren't sacred
Mean police and theives on the vapour trail
All sorts of people hanging around
We got the package
Small favors and short errands
You got me walking through the frame
Smell the smoke and we can blow it through our bodies
Talked a lot and it was sweet and it was sacred
Track Name: Cleared Smokes
I've been trying not to fake it but I did
Sky blue little lies
The wheels might roll past the station if I want
Box cutter through the lines
Green tint on glass through every town mistaken
And I go all ways
Drew a drip of blood on the tracks
I am fogiven
But I have no days left to give away
I've been asking for a way out
That's what I got
Sky blue little sky
Track Name: Weather Futures
Makes a hollow sound in twos
Changes in the room
Years, but just for a second bloom it mulitplies in twos
Weather futures crash the stars in rooms
A simple solution true radiates in bloom
Track Name: You Old Prisoner
The jewels in your pocket are wearing thin
A fool for the theater, you paid to get in
Head on the crosswalk, you misbehave
Our hearts are all computing high
You're alright
Track Name: Klax Apache
Everything for trade now
Slanted ratchets for sale
City slang's for free
City sting's for cheap
All phones on contract
Stacked pads for free
Tapped maple to sleep
Track Name: Base to Station
Line selector and relay
Station to station the square wave
I heard a rumor you misbehave
Tried and true a mistake
Over the handles and out
Truth to signal and out
Base to station and inbetween
Wires for nerves and print screen
I had a feeling
Track Name: Labour Knives
Summer sister makes me small
Backwards letters spell it's my turn to fall
Over the bridge like a basement tape
Take it right up my nose
I can't compete or hang from my feet from air traffic control
Summer lover it's always the same
Seance mirrors
I tried to take a break but I just can't your trash in or out
Trashcans dumped on our heads now
Taste the candy from the van that's parked out back
Track Name: Snaus
Switch the diode on to negative and sweep it because it's mine
Time to go
And wreck the present for a minute
Scratch the surface because it's mine
Track Name: Crutch
The streets are on a crutch
The places that we go
The place is filled with rust again
Our streets are filled with rust and I'll put you on a crutch