All Times Gem

by Mike Downey Tape

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Written and recorded by Mike Downey November 2015 - January 2016 to 4-track cassette.


released January 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Mike Downey Tape Motala, Sweden

I record these songs in my basement onto 4-track cassette. I play all of the instruments. Hi, my name is Mike.

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Track Name: Airfield Lights
Clean out the cave I'm thinking
The airfield lights are blinking
Watch the tower on top of it
Dig through a year not under it
I saw it tied to the ground, boy
the Goodyear blimp
I cashed some check at the university closest to Larkin Avenue
Track Name: Marker Slants
The building on trash cloud was a pharmacy
Ruling out the space did not come cheap
Hang the signal flags in trees
The places where I go
All my stations pointing randomly
Droning all the waves but I just won't wait
The marker slants
Track Name: Heather Workbook
The weakest link I think is where we don't come back to it
Our house
It's a fucked up game we can play
Heather Workbook and her clones pulled the wool over my eyes
It's a jacked up game and you can play
Track Name: Life of Towns
Throw the headlights at it
I'm not casting like I want but it'll do for now
Stack the rifles down dream the life of towns
Tried to stack the sailboats up but sometimes we stack it wrong
Draw my face up again
Concrete blocks are friends
Smell the sawdust now
Track Name: White Horse on Penalties
The hometown rats are full of it
Debating on who'll change the gutters out
Drum circle compass shows them how and where
To take it when it's in reach
Take the sidewalk for a walk
To the White Horse on penalties
Your favorite
Location beat us to the place where everybody used to forget my name
So drop me at home
Track Name: Cements
Get in the basement
I want to talk to you about heat and cement
Are you here yet?
I meant to ask you about that thing you do with your head
Is it mine yet?
I tried to let you in to my pretty little life but a dead end
Now I can't seem to ask you anything
Don't want a list
I want to get my hands in the evidence
Do you exist?
Because if you do that's what I want and I meant it
Track Name: Monitor Halls
Fourteen days to fly me out
A postcard stamped
You win a star and changed the locks
A painted window lets in all the sunlight when I'm gone
Two dollar fifty turns me on
I'm in the basement waitng for it
For you to do me all wrong
Raincoat on a radiator
I see you with every channel on
On and on the town blows up
I had it in my hand but it's way off
And honest if I woke up now I'd feel absolutely nothing
Track Name: Tracer to One
A bayonet
A tiger stripe
A cannonball
A reason to
I set the tracers back to one and waited for
Your home town
My favorite tree
I used to go there
We tanked
The gates were welded shut
And waited for
Track Name: Hussar Yard
If I go backwards I go home
Tie a flag to the post
Don't count the days because it's now
The time you never wondered
RIde a wave into the shed
Switch on the set and pull seeds from my pocket
I've been prone to wander on
Track Name: Zinc Leaders
Line the box and cut it up with the dullest of razors
In Ohio we'd just drive all around the state
Hi low
Let the speakers blow me out
If I knew then I could handle it
Track Name: Elevator Turn
To varying degrees the stock is running out
The elevator turns to ways where signal's hot
Recall the terrible days
Watching all the girls growing out of us
Track Name: Lose Two Turns
Lose two turns
Repairs in space
I liked it that way just like that after
You taught me what I'd need
And if you want to teach me now
I'll be waiting in space for you
You taught me everything I'd need
And if you want to teach me now
I'll be lost on the moon
Track Name: They Disappeared Us
I heard your voice in '94
I didn't know who you were before
It was October
At least that's how I remember it
So hold on girl
This won't take too long
The dream wasn't there for you and me
So hold on
I won't be long
Track Name: Fangs of my Father
Worthless in red parade
Sharp the fangs of my father on the way
Waving out until I say now
It's like a thousand years until I say a word to you
Sticks up and towers out
Tracks run from train to train yard
Track Name: Same Cemetery
Same cemetery we used to go
A maze of ghosts and chainlinked posts
The leaves they fell on your head
Not unlike the snowdrift you fell into
Run down the lane again